XCRI-CAP 1.2 Online Validator

XCRI-CAP 1.2 Online Validator

This validator aims to help institutions who are creating XCRI-CAP 1.2 feeds. The validator assumes that you have some level of technical understanding of XML (including namespaces) and of the XCRI-CAP 1.2 standard.

How to use

Simply select either "Validate XML" or "Validate Uri" depending upon whether you have published your feed yet or not. "Validate XML" lets you copy and paste a feed directly in to a box on the screen, whilst "Validate Uri" allows you to enter the web address of a published feed and the validator will download it. Clicking "Validate" will run the validator.

The validator will show you an overview of the issues it found with the feed broken down into severity: "Exception", "Warning", "Recommendation" and "Passed". Each of these severities is further subdivided down into groupings: "Structure", "Formatting", "Accessibility" and "Manual". Manual issues must be checked by the person implementing the feed as they cannot be programmatically checked.

Each issue that's found with the feed will be reported back, along with the number of times the failure was found. Clicking on the issue will launch further information to help you fix the problem, as well as line information for each failure.

REMEMBER: Validation is an iterative process! if you have fixed a problem then re-validate your feed to ensure that no further issues were found.


  • Produce a simple XML file containing catalog and provider elements before you add courses.
  • Remember that the validator validates both against the XCRI-CAP 1.2 standard and also against the Course Data Programme Data Definitions documents.
  • Your Course Data Programme representative may be able to provide you with sample XML files
  • If you need help, ask your Course Data Programme representative or ask on the XCRI forum.
Validate XML

Use this form to validate a local XCRI-CAP 1.2 document.

Please note that the maximum file size that can be uploaded using this method is around 50MB. For larger files, please validate using the URI.

Validate Uri

Use this form to validate an online XCRI-CAP 1.2 document.